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Even though for health issues I avoid eating cheese, I know it is delicious and a lot of people have asked me if they can mix it with Nux.

Definitely, that was not something I thought about before. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea but then I thought: what about Walnut Holiday with Brie? Or Season Surprise (spiced pecans with honey) with… Any cheese!

I decided to give it a try and the truth is that it is very good! So for you, cheese lovers… Here’s a snack idea to surprise your guests!

Season Surprise Snacks


  • Season Surprise
  • Grapes (seedless are more friendly)
  • Cantal cheese cut in little squares
  • Form a little ball of Season Surprise with the help of 2 spoons.
  • Assemble the grapes, the little balls of Season Surprise and squares of cheese.
  • Enjoy!