coconut bloom

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Whether summer or winter, this spread will bloom and delight you with its changing texture

Ingredients: Roasted coconuts . Raw cashews . Cinnamon

Ingrédients: Noix de coco grillée . Noix de cajou crues . Cannelle

(100% organic . 100% bio)


Product Description

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Coconut Bloom is exclusively made with dried roasted coconut, raw cashews and cinnamon without oil, refined sugar or conservatives added.

Coconut is a source of potassium, sodium and B vitamins. It is also a great source of energy due to its content of saturated fat, which is directly used by the body as fuel, rather than broken down and absorbed like any other saturated fat.

Cashews are particularly rich in iron, which delivers oxygen to our cells, and zinc, which contributes to a healthy immune system and vision.

Cinnamon is rich in fiber, manganese, calcium and vitamins A and K.

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