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Nux has had two weeks of exiting and intense work.

Creation of new seasonal flavor, production, graphic design, sales…

That’s a lot of work for one person. Because by Nux I mean, me, Marianne.

I tend to use “we” when I refer to Nux because even though I don’t have business partners I have the most amazing support team.  These guys are my parents, my sister & bestie and my hubby.

Thanks to their support, I had the coolest experience this weekend at Luxexpo getting to meet many of you! I ended up the weekend physically exhausted but wanting to do it all over again, and again, and again!

Sadly, I completely forgot to take pictures. I only have the one posted here but I promise that I will set up an alarm to remember to take more pictures next time.

Thank you for stopping by this weekend and I hope to see you again soon!