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I can get very creative when people ask me how to use Nux. I always suggest to blend it in smoothies, bake cookies and cakes with it and even to prepare dressings for salads. But let’s face it, time is scarce and we don’t always have the time to make these things.

This is why I thought I should show simple ways to make Nux part of your daily diet with easy “spreading ideas” so you don’t miss out the nutritional benefits of our delicious nut spreads because of lack of time.

Check my favorite simple ways to use Nux:


Pancakes or bread

Use Nux as a topping for your favorite pancake recipe or bread with marmalade or fruits to add a fresh flavor and some extra vitamins and antioxidants. In the picture there are some of my favorite protein pancakes with Macadamia Mania, cranberry marmalade and grapes.



Nux makes the perfect dip for fruits. Try it just by its own or mixing it half Nux-half Greek yogurt. It’s the ideal combo for these summer days to come.

My favorite combinations are Walnut Holiday + Apples and Almond Alert + Bananas.



No matter if you go for classic porridge or for overnight oats when you have no time in the mornings or it’s just too hot for the classic porridge. Add a spoon or two of your favorite Nux and it will give extra creaminess to your breakfast.

Again, I love to add some fruits on top! This way I avoid adding any sugar to the oatmeal. I usually go for Peanut Crave and bananas… Yummm!


Rice cakes

Spread Nux in whole rice cakes for a crunchy snack. It will provide the right energy before or after a workout.

As rice cakes have a neutral flavor, any Nux goes great. In this case I chose Almond Treasure plus my favorite fruit, raspberries!

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