How long do Nux products last?
Check the expiration date on the bottom of the jar.

How should I store Nux products?

Store them in a dark, dry and fresh environment. Keep them in the fridge to prolong shelf life, but keep in mind that this will reduce the spreads’ creaminess.

Where is Nux produced?

In The Netherlands. After demand outgrew our production capacity in Luxembourg, in 2019 Nux teamed up with Maxine and her awesome team in The Netherlands to do its production.

Which is the origin of the ingredients?

Nux only uses natural ingredients, so their origin depends on where the nature allows them to grow. Nux uses local products whenever possible.

Which kind of oil does Nux nut butters have?

Our nut butters don’t have any kind of oils added.

Why does my Nux nut butter have a layer of oil on top?

Because our nut butters don’t have stabilizers, only natural ingredients. Stir it and enjoy!

How can I use Nux nut butters?

There are many ways to include Nux spreads in your daily diet, from simply spreading it on crackers and bread to using it to bake cookies and cakes. Check some of our ideas and you can always check our Instagram and Facebook feed for more.


What kind of nuts are processed in your facility?

It’s possible that all types of nuts could be processed in the facility where our products are made.

Does Nux has dairy products?


Is Nux suitable for vegans?

Yes, all varieties are vegan.


Where can I buy Nux?

You can order Six Packs online but you can also find our single jars in shops, restaurants and cafes in Luxembourg

Can I avoid shipping costs?

There is a “Pick up” option at Glow during the checkout of our online shop but we only sell Six Packs. For single jars, you can visit any of our points of sale

I don’t want to buy Six Packs. Where can I buy single jars?

You can purchase single jars at different local supermarkets and shops. Find your closest point of sale here.

How long will it take to receive the products I buy online?

Delivery takes between three to five working days.