The unique variety of Nux is all about organic and nutritious ingredients
packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals.

Nux at Ouni!

We’ve been waiting for this day for some months and it’s finally here: Ouni opened its doors in Luxembourg city and we can’t wait to get our hands on their unpackaged goodies! Another good news is that Ouni is offering a variety of Nux spreads! Yes, they will still be packed in glass jars, but […]

The spectacular nut mixes

Nux is thrilled to launch the organic nut mixes!  This post is meant to explain why we decided to create these mixes, which flavors we offer and how they are made in order to guarantee the best quality to our clients. We know that the high-speed of our daily lives make us snack outside our […]

Peanut Crave Banana “Ice Cream”

This recipe is all over Internet for a good reason: it is insanely good! If you haven’t try this, you must. We just can’t get enough of this indulging, creamy, fresh, sweet thing. Plus, it’s easy to customize!  You only need a blender, some frozen fruits and the nut spread of your choice. Peanut Crave Banana […]

Snack essentials for road tripping

Road tripping is a synonym for snacking… At least for most of us!  This is our suggestions for a delicious and healthy road trip that will allow you to get to your destiny feeling energized: Nut mixes Small jar of your favorite nut spread. You might want to stir it before you hit the road because […]

Spicy Cashew Dream Dressing

Finally, today I’m posting a savory recipe! It’s pretty obvious that I usually use Nux for sweet snacks and breakfasts but there are some savory dishes that I really love to make.  This dressing is a delicious option for these summer days. It adds extra flavor to your veggies and you’ll get to include lots of them into your diet! Plus, […]

My favorite simple ways to use Nux

I can get very creative when people ask me how to use Nux. I always suggest to blend it in smoothies, bake cookies and cakes with it and even to prepare dressings for salads. But let’s face it, time is scarce and we don’t always have the time to make these things. This is why I thought I […]

Coconut Chocolate Season Surprise Chia Pudding

I must be the last person on earth to try chia puddings. Honestly, I’m not into jelly-like textures so chia pudding didn’t seem to be my cup of tea. My regular breakfast is porridge or oatmeal pancakes, both topped with any kind of Nux, marmalade or fruits. This is what my body is used to […]

Season Surprise Snacks

Even though for health issues I avoid eating cheese, I know it is delicious and a lot of people have asked me if they can mix it with Nux. Definitely, that was not something I thought about before. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea but then I thought: what about Walnut Holiday […]

Peanut Crave Coconut Chocolate Squares

Road trips call for snacks, right? I try to be prepared in these trips because honestly, my sweet tooth gets crazy. If I don’t have a healthy choice, I’ll end up eating the terrible option from the gas station. I can assure you that 1 or 3 of these delicious Peanut Crave Coconut Squares will satisfy […]

Pancakes topped with Macadamia Mania

It’s been a while since I don’t write anything for the blog because there have been a lot of changes for Nux. As a lot of you may know, we now have a variety of 8 different flavors (all organic), we made the first volume of a recipe booklet, we are also changing the website […]